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Destination Perpetuity
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- The Voice of Multifamily Housing

Destination Perpetuity is an easy-to-read, step-by-step guidebook that introduces the reader to the concept of creating a financially secure future by building a real portfolio. The format of the book is light, fun, and easy to read. Written as a journey, the reader is taken on an expedition on the road to Perpetuity (an annuity without end).

The novice investor will find all the basic concepts and knowledge on everything from the rudimentary language of real estate all the way to the proper way in which to analyze an asset.

The already-seasoned, savvy investor will also appreciate the many tips and real life stories of dos and don’ts as well as the creative concepts of expanding from a single building to a portfolio of properties.

This book should be considered essential reading for anyone serious about creating mailbox income from real estate.

Book Review September 2015 issue

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Jeff Culbertson

- Southwest Region National Real Estate Trust

As a 37-year veteran of the real estate business, I have bought and sold many properties for myself as well as helped hundreds of clients purchase properties. As I was reading Craig O’Rourke’s Destination Perpetuity, I found myself saying over and over again, “I wish I had this book 37 years ago.” This book is a must-have tutorial for anyone wanting to seriously invest in real estate. I highly recommend it.

Jeff Culbertson

Executive Vice President Southwest Region National Real Estate Trust

Rob Nelson

- Nelson Radio

Craig O’Rourke’s Destination Perpetuity not only addresses key questions on navigating today’s complex real estate market, it also drafts a roadmap to success with clear detail as well as step-by-step coaching from one of the industry’s recognized leaders. It’s the definitive guide on real estate investing, portfolio development, and fundamentally sound business thinking that creates “mailbox income” and asset growth. Craig’s overlay of humor makes for an entertaining read. Well done!

Rob Nelson

First Capital Mortgage
Vice President of Production
Radio Host of “Nelson Radio” on Business, Finance,
Real Estate and Law

Betty Graham

- Former President, Preview International

Craig O’Rourke’s Destination Perpetuity is an easy-to-comprehend guide to investing in income property. Written in an amusing fashion and illustrated with relevant, true-life stories, this book will inspire you to begin your journey to the destination of Perpetuity —a life free of money anxiety.

This book should occupy a permanent space in the library of anyone who has been curious but inhibited at the prospect of income unit investment. Keep it within an arm’s reach!

I want to get a copy to my son and his bride immediately. How I wish I would have had this resource earlier in my life — yet now I am convinced it is not too late.

Betty Graham

Former President, Preview International

Robert K. Foster

- Coldwell Banker Greater Los Angeles

It is well known that much of the wealth that has been accumulated throughout the world has been generated through the ownership of real estate. This simple, easy-to-read guide for real estate investors provides a great introduction and simplifies the process for those who wish to begin to build their future real estate wealth.

I have known Craig O’Rourke for some time, and I know that the guidance and insights that Craig has put into this book come from many years of personal experience. I am confident that you will find this book to be a great tool as you embark on your journey of real estate investing and wealth building.

Robert K. Foster
President and Chief Operating Officer

Coldwell Banker Greater Los Angeles

Diane Manns

- Hills and Greater

Craig O’Rourke’s Destination Perpetuity should be a must read for all real estate practitioners. It changes the real estate agent to not just a locator of property for purchase, but an estate builder for their clients as well as themselves. It’s easy to follow, amusing and an incredible confidence builder.

It’s never too late to plan for the future: for you, for your children, and of course for your grandchildren. Not only is it an easy read, it creates a challenge and so many possibilities for fun while you are making money.

Diane Manns

President of Beverly Hills and Greater Los Angeles Board of Realtors

Dr. Jim Lee

- Real Estate Investor

Craig O’Rourke writes a guide, but not just a guide. No presumptions are made, so the reader can have the opportunity to learn 100% of the information, or take the 75% that they may not know. But most important is that there are no guesses or questions left when you are finished with this tome. It says it all, and no one has to feel like they are being re-taught something they already know; instead, they get a new perspective. For sure, this information has never been presented in such a clear and succinct manner. Craig is a genius. At times, I thought maybe he was reading my mind because as a question came to me, the very next paragraph explained it in clear intelligent language with no ambiguities. That may be the key to this book: Nothing is left to chance or presumption. And that is first in education. Craig is a Teacher, and we are respected Students. Well done.

Dr. Jim Lee

Real Estate Investor

David T. Brown, Esquire


As an attorney for over 23 years, I have seen investment trends come and go, and represented good people in the aftermath. The consistent, safe performance of a well-planned real estate portfolio has always stood out.

I continue to hold real estate, and have no intention to ever stop. This inclination is strengthened and now better understood since reading Craig O’Rourke’s very readable and thoughtful book. I recommend it strongly, and I plan to always keep an extra copy to hand out to people I care about with questions on investing.

David T. Brown, Esquire
Huskinson and Brown Attorney’s at Law


Barrett Porter

- Certified Financial Planner / Partner

Craig’s book, Destination Perpetuity, is essential reading for people who wish to speed up their path to financial freedom by supplementing their retirement account saving with income-producing real estate.

Craig’s approach to explaining the potential benefits of income-producing real estate is relaxed and easy to digest. It’s essential reading for anyone who’s eager to take the first step towards being a successful real estate investor.

Barrett Porter, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner / Partner
Abacus Wealth Partners

Mitch Hagerman

- LA Luxury Real Estate

Destination Perpetuity is a home run! It is the most concise book I have ever read regarding real estate investment. This book should be considered a primer for anyone interested in building a solid financial future via a real estate portfolio. This is a must-read for both first -time investors and seasoned pros.

Mitch Hagerman

Founder & CEO
LA Luxury Real Estate

Kyle Ransford

- Bank of Manhattan

Destination Perpetuity is a cover-to-cover must-read. It is a witty, intelligent read filled with real-life experiences and solid investing tips. Craig’s perspectives on how to invest are on the money. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about real estate investing.

Kyle Ransford

Founder and former CEO of Bank of Manhattan
Founder and General Partner of Cardinal Real Estate Investments

Julie Summers

- Real Estate Portfolio Investor

I find this book so valuable. Destination Perpetuity has taken me back to basics and opened my eyes to what was so simple that I had to learn the hard way.

I will recommend my friends already in real estate and those just entering it to buy this book!

Julie Summers

Real Estate Portfolio Investor

Kathy Mehringer

- Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Destination Perpetuity is a must read! Craig O’Rourke “hit the bull’s eye” when he wrote this book. I enjoyed it from start to finish. If you want to eliminate fear and empower yourself for independence and success this book provides the tools needed to build your wealth.

Not only is the material easy to understand but also it is jampacked with important definitions, explanations, checklists, tips, and relevant examples. Investing in income property is a wise decision if you know what you are doing! Craig provides incredible insight for both novice and experienced investors. Unlike many similar “how-to” guides, this one is crafted with humor, attention to detail, and in-depth analysis, all the while remaining an easy read. I looked forward to every chapter. Craig has made my holiday shopping easier!

Kathy Mehringer

California Association of Realtors® Director for Life
Director of Risk Management
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage